Raspberry-pi powered NFC-enabled Jukebox for Sonos

Sometimes I find it inconvenient to pull out my phone/computer to control the music playing on my Sonos, so I decided to build an analog control interface.

Watch the Demo Video here.

I’ll admit, this is only minorly a Glowforge project, but I’m still proud of it so I’m posting it here. I built the enclosure with the Glowforge (The musical notes are the main riff of Meat Loaf’s “I Would Do Anything For Love”). (The lid does fit, I just hadn’t attached it yet for this picture)

Inside is a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a Waveshare pn532 NFC hat and some magnets. Inside each jewel case is two magnets and an NFC tag. When you put the jewel case up to the enclosure, it snaps into alignment, the reader reads the NFC tag ID, and it plays the appropriate Pandora station or Spotify playlist through my Sonos.

The code and setup instructions are all open sourced on my Github.


That is a fantastic combination of tools, code, and electronics to create a personal jukebox! I love this idea for a good use of NFC tags alone!


Fantastic job! Love it.


Wow, so clever! I love that it’s magnetic—makes it so easy to switch out. Really enjoyed the video.


Wow! That’s awesome. Thank you for sharing the video.