RC Jank Tank | ft. ILTMS




Glowforge cameo.

(Running an op with the exhaust commando style like a boss. No worries. I did that do. For science.)


I found that far more entertaining than I really should have.


These guys are nuts…in a good way!


And so a new meme is born!


Yeah :sneezing_face: I’ll bet that pegboard smelled good…


This tank brings me back memories from childhood.
I haved a thundercats tank, was a xmas gift my parents gave me after an year asking for it (was very expensive).
This damn tank was the worst. The line tires always comes out. In the end i toss the tank thru the window from my parents apartment (20 floor). Several months grounded.


Damn. Nice work, @iliketomakestuff. The flippy-floppy V shaped addons were inspired. (I believe that is the technical military term?)


like this


:rofl: Thanks for the laugh! I can identify with your solution. While I can be a really nice guy, provoked - I have a commensurate capacity for destruction.


That was fun! Cool example of trace and cut too.