Re-vamped venting setup



On the arid high plains of Colorado that CFM should easily deal with any condensation, and the effluent from the laser will insure nothing takes up extended residence in there. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I really like the extended purging of the machine my booster provides.
That setup of yours is as good as it gets. So much better than a turbulence inducing flex vent.


Here’s the one I’m using:


Field-tested last night. Fan off, blast gate closed. Major gully-washer blew in overnight, waking us up ~0100. Checked the run this morning, nary a drop of precip inside the blast gate. :+1:


With that unit (labelled a Radon Fan), there is not one HOA that can complain about non-compliance (especially in Colorado with Radon abatement laws).

Just because it is connected to an internal device before venting any Radon buildup in the house…


All part of the plan…


I recently added a small booster fan to mine. And it does help a ton. That, and lots of metal tape o seal up the connections. Almost totally odor free now.

Thinking of getting a little air cleaner for the room just to snag any residual.



The big thing for me in this is that you were clever enough to mount the fan outside. I’d been thinking about a booster for a while but always balked because of the additional noise. Setting it up outside, brilliant :slight_smile:

For me, though, I’m just thinking it won’t help because I’m already odor free, except when the wind is exactly right to blow the exhaust around to the front door where most of the air sneaks in. Venting up wouldn’t get me very far since it’s a single story workshop. Still, might be worth a shot.


This was necessitated by my personal exhaust requirement #1: The indoor run shall be under negative pressure during operations, including when the GF’s exhaust fan is running at 100%.

You might be surprised by the difference getting the exhaust 2’ (60+cm) above the roofline makes.


a great show :slight_smile:


Just cut some PG leather, maple ply, and acrylic without a whiff… :squeeee:


Could you provide some more specifics with both the fan and how you ran the venting separate from the egress window?

  1. How / where is the electrical connection for the fan? (inside or outside wiring)
  2. How do you control the fan on / off / variable speed?
  3. Did you do the PVC yourself, or did you hire someone to do the run?
  4. How did you attach the piping to the Glowforge, and what is your plan for acces when it comes time to clean the internal fan?
  5. Did you order the filter, and if so, are you still planning on it, or are you thinking about cancelling it?
  6. Any concerns about temperature when not running? I would imagine that in Colorado, your winters may be similar in temperature to mine in the Chicagoland area.

It looks really good, and I’m only asking because you have me now totally reconsidering
re-working my run, either with PVC just for the internal side components or for the whole thing - including the 6 ft of piping up my egress window well to the surround I built for it. I’d love to be able to use the fan you have outside of my office (in the Egress well) and am sure the PVC pipe would make a difference.

I would also consider PVC pipe through the wall, but that would likely involve digging / exavating at the bottom of the window well… Not someting I look forward to.

  1. Appliance whip from the fan through the wall.
  2. Commercially-available AC fan speed-controller mounted inside.
  3. PVC was installed by a HVAC professional.
  4. 4" PVC into a Rockler blast gate attached to the GF exhaust. Just loosen the band clamp and pull the GF forward.
  5. I cancelled my filter when I realised I had no need/desire to travel with my GF.
  6. None whatsoever. I’ll close the blast gate when not in use, just as I did throughout the winter of 17-18. GF temp never dropped below 60F.

As I said before, this plan won’t work for everybody, but it’s really meeting my needs.


Thanks so much for the response. I’ve already ordered the blast gate, and am evaluating an approach that is a hybrid of what I have already and yours. I won’t be able to go to the roof as the office is front of house facing, but could easily switch to PVC for interior + exterior in the window well, and all PVC would certainly help manage the smell (which is pretty good now). Moving the fan into the egress well would also help the with noise, as would the PVC, I imagine.


What about static buildup any concern here?


Not that I’ve observed. YMMV