Ready For The Holidays? Glowforge Plus For Sale in Georgia

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are coming, are you prepared to handle the demand?

What if your printer breaks down and you have to wait 7 to 10 days to complete orders? This literally happened to us one year and from then on we kept a backup machine ready to go.

We are selling our Glowforge Plus bought this year (2023) and lightly used for four months because we closed our keychain business.

We are located north of Atlanta, GA in Roswell. We have the box and packing martials, but not the supply kit.

If you pick it up, get it for $2,500. If you would like it shipped $2,900.


Good luck in your sale. Also, just a note, these forums are public and susceptible to bots and scrapers. You might want to remove your email address to avoid scambots. If someone wants to contact you, they can do it via PM


Oh thank you! I’ll go remove it now!


Hi everyone, we still have a Glowforge plus for sale. Make an offer


Have you posted this anywhere else? Sadly since the majority of folks here already have one it might be a harder audience!


This is the only place I have posted it. I have asked around but nothing yet. Good point that everyone on here already has one.


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