Readying for NYC Makerfaire

I revisited the thread about legal usage of the text/bug but just wanted confirmation if this is acceptable @dan :sweat_smile: And also! Look!


Love your construction toys. Very similar to the ones I came up with in some ways, quite different in other ways. I’ll ask you the same as everyone else, let us know where you are going to be so we can be sure to visit.

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Seems that they would like the G capitalized and would require the copyright symbol as a minimum but then again you may be using the logo as is (although they request not to change the lettering of the logo so fitting it to a curve might not be the way to go.)

“Made on a Glowforge® laser” might be the preferred use from what I read.

The PDF guidelines are a bit unclear. In one section they say use “Glowforge” as an adjective and not as a noun, but then in one of the “great” examples, “Glowforge” is used as a substantive.

And these connectors a beautiful! Something like the crystalline entity from STNG.


I would agree with you. The logo does have a lowercase “g” though. It will be interesting if any of the @GlowforgeStaff will chime in.


Looks great man! I see you used the same font style with the ‘W’ crossing the ‘F’. :sunglasses: If anyone has a problem with it, it would be the lawyers.
Dan has to be loving what he sees people making and reveling in enabled by the glowforge. Long hard road so he has certainly earned it.


100% in agreement with that. I’m sure he’s not stress free yet, but am guessing it has lightened up considerably in the last few months.


What is this witchcraft?! Love them!

This is the type of thing I would have spent hours with as a kid.

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Very Clever!