Real talk: what happens if Glowforge goes belly-up?

Are there any plans to have a non-cloud-based software option some day? My concern is that if Glowforge goes belly-up (it happens to some of the best companies), I’m left with a $4000 paper weight. I’d love to get an honest take on this from @dan, he seems to be a pretty straight-shooter.

This has been discussed quite a bit. Glowforge has promised to release the firmware at some point. It looks as if that point remains in the future.

Thing is there are a lot of ways that glowforge could fail and each one plays out differently.

If there are chains on the doors one morning and the firmware has not been released, we may all have very nice paperweights. The good news is most startups don’t fail in this manner and we’d just have to see how things played out.


This has been discussed a good bit elsewhere in the forum…


…and probably others. These were the first 2 that I found with a quick search.


Thanks! I must have been using dumb search terms, I appreciate the links.