Realtor svg files

Looking for SVG files for Realtors…have looked on ETSY but they seem to be very limted
on this subject. If anyone knows where else to look are have files of there own please let me know.

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This is probably not as good a source for files as Etsy. Maybe if you stated more specifically what you are seeking. Files for Realtors seems rather vague to me.


Ditto what @dklgood said about Etsy, but you can try searching here for “realtor”, “closing gift”, or “real estate” and you’ll find some - if you limit your search to the Free Laser Designs section you’re guaranteed to have files included, but you might miss some good ones in Made on a Glowforge that also have files.

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Are you looking for Realtor branded things for your desk/travel in your car, or are you looking for housewarming gifts? or your company website may have svg logos for you which you can add to the business card holder (or whatever) of your choice. If you want something like a mail holder / key holder container that says, “Welcome Home,” to give as a closing gift you can find the item of your choice and personalize it your way.
I sold a bunch of houses over 2 decades ago and didn’t have a fun laser to play with.
Have a good time creating your wonderful things!


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