Rearview Mirror Hangers

My glowforge finally made it’s way back home after a warranty, and it’s working better than ever! While it was away I had a few designs I made, so I was able to test out the first one. I’m a huge fan of adding clear acrylic to medium cherry or walnut, and a while back I had designed these to show that off. This is the latest iteration, with others in the brainstorm phase.




I used some hemp cord to bind it and for it to hang from, and other than that, it’s a simple but fun project! This is the first time I defocused the laser and it really does make a difference for the engraves. To be clear, I only defocused it for the engraved section, both the cut and scores were done with proofgrade settings.


Nice and clean looking engrave. You are going to have sooo much fun. :grinning:


Love the effect! The matching colors of the hemp cord and the acrylic engrave work really well together.


How much did you defocused the laser?

Not sure what counts as being against the rules on sharing settings, I’ve seen a lot of people get their posts edited for it since it’s apparently in the disclaimer. But meh, I’ll tell ya anyway.

I added .183" to the default .125" which gave me .308". I also bumped up the LPI to 340. The results were stellar, and makes me wonder why I never did this before :thinking:


Oh I never realized it was a bad to share in this topic category! Thanks for sharing anyway! Your work is so beautiful.

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Non-PG settings are only supposed to be in the Beyond the Manual section to keep the FNLs happy (or at least keep them from getting unhappy).

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As far as I know, no one is editing anyone else’s posts, just moving the whole thread to Beyond the Manual.

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I’ve seen posts that have had information redacted, or I should say I’ve seen replies that have. Not a big deal to me, I don’t have hard feelings about it when they do it, plus I guess I understand where they’re coming from. I also have seen posts moved.

AFAIK, only staff and the OP have the ability to edit Posts as such. From what I’ve seen, GF staff will ask someone to edit or outright delete if it’s just that bad(only seen 1 person in the history of these forums have to go down that road.) The Regulars only have the ability to shift categories.

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If so it was done by the person who wrote it after being reminded of the rules (or maybe by staff). None of us users have the ability to edit other people’s posts. People with the “regular” badge can change the title or move a post to another category, but that’s all.


Love this technique! Excellent result.

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