Received GF email


I believe some folks are keeping track of these things, so here’s my details:

Purchase date: Sep 24, 2015 6:27 PM

Email from GF sent: July 28, 2017 4:55PM

I’ve got up to six weeks according to the email.

Question for the group - during the many confirmation pages where you keep clicking “Yes, I’m sure I want mine!” there was an incredibly detailed list of updates/upgrades and tips/advice for new GF users. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to locate those lists as they went away after I did my final confirmation. Have those lists/pages been put up somewhere?


Congratulations! I hope it is less than the 6 weeks now. :slight_smile:


lots of people have done the same thing, as i recall, and then come and post that question, haha.


I do, too… but even at six weeks, that would put my wait at 2 years. It’s been a LONG two years!


I was reading it on my phone… if I’d be on my computer, I would have cut and paste to a Word doc. There was good stuff in there.


Awesome, congrats! Thanks for the details as well. The list keeps changing so anyone whose saved it previously will probably not have the same list you just received. If you have something you’re curious about I can guarantee one of the current owners will be glad to answer.


Was yours a basic or a pro?


Derp. Sorry! It’s a basic with air filter (shipping later).



tx. Hopefully it will not take 6 weeks.


Congratulations! :grinning::tanabata_tree::fireworks::confetti_ball::balloon::tada:




Great news indeed!
Thanks for sharing it with the forum members!
Can’t wait to see what stuff you make!


Congrats on your notice!

I bookmarked and did a ‘save page as’ (complete HTML) some of those pages when affirming my delivery. Did that from previous remarks about not being able to re-locate pages.


Looks like they’re getting close to the end of day 1 orders (by order time, not necessarily by order volume.) Good deal!



Anybody hear any news regarding european shipments?
If not I really hope there’s good news in the august update…


Okay, NOW I got THE EMAIL. 10 days after getting the “Do you want it?”

I hope this means others aren’t having to wait a full six weeks and that fulfillment is ramping up quickly. Will return here and post details about delivery day/time once the tracking info has filled in.