Received my GlowForge and Evaluation

Received my GlowForge yesterday. Arrived just as the UPS driver was preparing to leave, he was 15 minutes early and hadn’t noticed delivery had been scheduled between 3:30 and 5:30 pm.

The box arrived with minor cosmetic scraps and some liquid contamination on the surface of the box (probably oils and dirt from the vehicle flooring). All four handles were still attached though two of them were starting to pull out. Required two people to bring the box inside and removing the laser from the box. Un-boxing was straight forward and simple. No visible damage, scrapes or cosmetic imperfections on outside of the the laser. Assembly was minimal and simple to do (previous post and videos regarding this helped greatly). I noticed the laser lens came with a fingerprint already on the lens (Didn’t have to do it myself :roll_eyes:)

After placing the laser on its new home I noticed the lid was scrapping when opening and closing. At first I thought what I was using as a table was off but when I checked, the laser was sitting perfectly level on the workbench. The lid was not misaligned either (There have been previous comments regarding this issue).

After extensive trial and error I came to the conclusion what looks to have occurred is during assembly the glass covers on either side of the lid could have been affixed further away from the lid to allow a larger gap between the lid and the two glass covers. The gap between the lid and side glass covers is really small (needs a larger gap tolerance for any assembly issues, if the gap was another millimeter wider on either side this would have helped). I had to place a shim underneath the middle of the laser enclosure to help open a gap enough to allow the lid to be opened and closed without rubbing against the sides.

Except for the issue with the lid I am pleased to see the laser had no cosmetic imperfections, damaged shipping container, lost handles, un-boxing and initial staging of laser was easy. :ok_hand:

I have not yet setup and powered on the laser to test operation. Will post pictures and further updates once I have a chance to further test the laser.


FWIW, the lid is supposed to be a tight fit (obviously not too tight to open and close). Part of both the Class I designation and the airseal. Mine makes a noise every time I open and close, but it appears to be mostly around the front rather than the glass.

Hope it fires up nicely.


Yeah, my lid rubs quite a bit in the front/side (it is a Pre-Release). Not sure how they would ensure a repeatable camera position unless the lid fit tightly. So since it doesn’t impede opening and closing I’m glad it fits that way.


Mine as well. It scrapes a bit. It’s pretty tight fit, although not impossible to open. (It smooths a little over time.)


I just noticed yesterday when I moved the machine to a steel welding table under an exhaust hood to troubleshoot a smoke problem that the left edge of the lid front rubbed where it didn’t before.
When I moved it back to its original location the rub was gone. That tells me there is enough flex in the case that even a slight twist, warp or unlevel condition in the surface you set it on can cause that.


My production Basic’s lid has a much tighter fit than did my late-March PRU. Nice and solid, but I have to make sure I close it all the way. As an aside, I didn’t even know there was a “lid ajar” warning in the UI until I got the production unit.


Congrats and thank you for the detailed assessment. Please post your first cuts!

Congrats and the new arrival and looking forward to some pics of the fun.

My production unit lid too is very snug fitting, more so even than my pre-release. It’s a feature for rigidity for the lid camera positioning in relation to the rest of the frame.

Is it all symmetric? Closing evenly?

So I understand the reason for a tight seal, of course. But I wonder why they didn’t go with a tried and true gasket approach. You know… like your freezer door. It seals nicely without rubbing anything plus makes that not-unpleasant thunk as it closes so you know it’s completely sealed. I’m a little afraid of what will happen to the seal of the Glowforge after a year of opening/closing. 2 years? 3?

I don’t think it needs to be a tight fit to maintain accurate alignment. It could be done with zero play hinges (perhaps made from a pair of ball bearings). Then it could have clearance around the edges and not rub.


No… But I didn’t say that. :slight_smile:
The reasons I’m thinking is to prevent fume release and maintain a bit of pressure to allow the exhaust to work effectively.
But, now that you mention it, using a freezer-style gasket would probably help it rest comfortably and maybe improve camera position and accuracy. I dunno. Maybe it’d sag over time and make it worse.

I haven’t had a chance to get back to the laser (that pesky work on the house and the kids have been keeping me busy). The lid appears to be placed correctly and symmetric though the only frame of reference would be to the glass pieces (must be a better way to refer to them other than glass pieces) on either side. They look to be glued to the plastic case. Are they glued, I didn’t see any mounting hardware when I looked in there? Where I’m getting contact is toward the front edge of the door.

There have been good comments regarding the door fit. I’m wondering if there is a tolerance for the gap and if it could be opened a small amount to allow for variations in the placement of the side glass covers without interfering with the seal or camera alignment. If the side glass pieces are glued in place them there might not be any fixture that holds them in place while the glue dries, this could cause them shift some.

I’ll have to check to see if there is any change as the laser case becomes acclimated to the environment.