Recent projects and a little cleaning

We started thinking ahead for Christmas gifts this year. Each of us designed a snowflake ornament so they will truly be a gift from the entire family. I also converted what would have been wasted space into additional snowflakes. Each pack has 17 individual snowflakes when removed. The scored and engraved covers are held in place with press fit magnets. I love the contrast of the three Proofgrade species!

My wife creates a large gift basket every year as a fundraiser for her school. This years theme was Eco/Green, so I made a label for her out of recycled materials.

And finally, I figured it was time to do a little cleaning after seeing the recent posts about dirty/clogged fans. Mine was indeed quite dirty after 5 months of hobby use (I really wish we had a usage/time tracker in the GFUI).


Wow! Those are really nice. Great project for the holidays. The artistry is outstanding.


Ohhhhhh, you always do the most stunningly elegant projects!


Elegant nails it! :grinning:


That is highly motivating to fire up the laser and do something nice.


These are great snowflake designs. Where can I find the vector for these? They are awesome.

Those are all lovely…except of course the filthy fan housing! :smile: I love the New Mexico sun image…a very familiar symbol to me.