Recognition problems and conversion

I know I have much to learn but could use some assist on this. I drew a dart scoreboard in Fusion 360 then was only to save as a .png. Uploaded to my GF to do a test print and the GF would not recognize the drawing - said “no artwork”
I could use a step by step instruction on how to save Fusion 360 drawings as .svg and how to get the GF to recognize the artwork.
Thanx to all, Craig

Try placing the artwork inside an svg. You can control the size better that way.

If you want more direct help you might want to attach the png so we can take a look.

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No artwork usually means some or all of the file is out of the printable area of the glowforge bed, proofgrade material was not detected and you either did not pick a material or enter a material height, or you are using non-proofgrade and have no settings defined (not sure if this last one still applies since the latest GFUI update.)

So make sure your artwork is centered (move it later once you seem like you’ll be able to print), is smaller than 10.9 inches by 19 inches and you have a material selected.


This is a bit more work, but I’ve been liking the workflow so far from Fusion 360 to SVG since it can help account for kerf adjustments and provides good control over the cutting/scoring/engraving paths:


And if you still need help, check out the Fusion 360 tutorials in this link:


Wow. Thank you. Learning lots :sunglasses:

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