Recovering duty from HMRC on replacement machines

You will need a form BOR286 for the Border Force.

In an earlier posting I had said you need an HMRC form, having sent mine off,m they have returned it saying that because the import was via UPS you reclaim via the Border Force. Form is available here

However, I’m slightly suspicous because this is for recovering incorrectly claimed duty, but we’ll see.

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Anything to do with a bureaucracy is suppose to be streamlined and exact, but they always manage to make it confusing and overly complicated.
I have had to deal with various government agencies a few times, and I swear their goal is to wear you down so you just give up.

The struggle is real.
Hope this works out well for you.

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That says "Use form BOR286 if you believe the Customs Duty or import VAT was wrongly calculated on an item you imported by post using Royal Mail or Parcelforce. "

I don’t think that applies to duty charged by UPS.

Well strictly as a replacement unit there should have been no duty charged, but GF didn’t label it as such (and put the wrong value on it) so UPS did the right thing, but technically there is no duty.

The actual form does include this as a reason for reclaiming.

I’m not convinced but this is what HMRC told me - I’ll let you know - new claim gone off today.

UPS told me to use HMRC form C285 to correct an import VAT error they made.

Fun this isn’t it? If I wasn’t nearly a £1,000 down at this point, I’d almost laugh, but we’re talking proper money here.

After being told by HMRC to submit 1179, then BOR286 I am now on C285 - so fingers crossed.

HMRC told me three different things so far.

To anybody watching, I will let you know when I finally get refunded what form(s) you should apply with.

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