Recycled antique wood in WI

I was reading here and wondering if any of our number might be near enough to wander in there, or a connection to a source that would want to get some dynamite wood to slice and dice to sell to us, or even that they might think in terms of what we do to keep an eye out for things of interest to us.

Imagine a really nice rosewood dresser that was so severely damaged that only a few square feet were useable, For some -headed to the trash (perhaps with just a tear)- but not realizing what we would do with it. An extreme example perhaps, but 8x8 walnut or maple would not be unknown, and cut to 1/4 slabs would be wonderful.


I was in Urban Evolutions retail store for the first time during the Christmas season. It’s the buyer in Appleton, WI and I am about 45 minutes away. We even bought an area rug made out of recovered tags on jeans. They don’t have raw wood in the store but they do have a lumberyard out back. I’ll have to take a trip back in the spring. I’m not sure if they let people in the lumberyard to browse. Here is the rug. We just hung it in our living room and need something for the sides to complete the wall.


I live here, but would unfortunately am unable to physically go and do this. I can ask around and see if I can get a volunteer at work maybe.

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