Recycled business cards

I’m trying to find the right settings to make business cards on discarded boxes. I’m using sparkling water, girl scout cookie, cracker and other various boxes. The box is .015in. I looked through the non-proof grade material settings and combed through the community glowforge page and have not had any luck. I have tried different score settings and engrave settings. Has anyone tried this with success? Or maybe didn’t make business cards but score/engraved on the same material? Any help would be appreciated.

After many tweeks I finally got something I love. We recycle our cereal, cracker and sparkling water boxes to use for the business cards.

Words Engraved:
1000 Speed
Full Power
125 LPI
Focus Height 0.15

Lines Scored:
500 Speed
40 Power

500 Speed
Full Power
Focus Height .017

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Personally I run tests on any new/different material to dial in the settings that give me what I want. In your case the material is cheap, so you have that on your side.

You can use someone’s suggested settings as a starting point, but I would push to either side of power just to satisfy myself with the difference.
Exploring the settings is like a treasure hunt for me, don’t deny yourself the thrill of discovery!

Try exploring settings you find for “chipboard” - and Welcome to the community! :sunglasses:


Welcome to the forum.

Here is one post that may help, but really you should run a simple engrave/score/cut test file.


Here’s a test strip that is invaluable for finding settings:

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I was going to share my chipboard engrave settings but found they’ve been wiped out (reset to 1000/1), for at least the third time.

I keep notes but don’t have any for chipboard because I started using it before GF started blowing away saved settings…

Edit - oh, look!

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… or depending on the effect you are looking for:

Somewhere in between might suit you.

Love the new hairstyle. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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… and because I decided to do some more tests and keep a record this time, here are some samples on .08 chipboard: