Recycled cardstock Chocolate Box



Kitty gave me an idea.

He even gave me materials.

Each box comes with four dividers of excellent heavy cardstock
Inspiration from chocolates.


Scoring edges and cutting tabs

Designed in Inkscape

Worked out in Inkscape using offset for top of Box and adding some lettering for proof of concept

Next step is to import into Silhouette Design Studio to crease and cut.

Neat. Inkscape displays natively now. Missed that coming live.


You and your kitty had a great idea! :relaxed:


Now that is recycling.


If you need more chocolate boxes…you can ship them to me and I’ll gladly empty them and send you the boxes.:smiling_imp::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just make sure kitty doesn’t use the boxes for his/her “chocolates” :smile_cat:


So funny–you buy the same cat food–in the same box–that we do, your kitty looks just like ours, and your chocolate box is from our neighborhood chocolatier. :smile:


Yes, Boulder is where I am living in some parallel universe. It’s a long story but some day I’ll be back and hope we can meet up.

In any case, I moved on to the Silhouette Cameo. Had a heck of a time getting the cardstock aligned. There is no zeroing out and it relies on the grid on the cutting mat. Found out that the cardboard is variable slightly.

Good experience meeting all the complexities that one encounters.

Then thought about using the pen to locate the sides and check alignment.

Not perfect boxes because the cardboard isn’t always exactly the same size. But they worked. Now to just make those chocolates.

And yes, I have to proof the copy!


LOL I thought maybe the cats’ name was Trfuffles… :grinning:


If you want to make other sizes and styles you should look at this template generator.

Lots of good designs there.


That is an excellent resource. Every week I get more sheets of cardstock from my kitty boxes.


My wife is a ravenous eater of Fudgesicle Pops. lots and lots of the 20 pop size boxes. And lint 70% dark chocolate. lots o’that too.