Recycling options for Acrylic scraps?

Hi fellow Glowforgers!

Gas anyone found any good resources that take the plethora of acrylic bits that inevitably get produced by our machines and recycle them? I’d feel a lot better if it wasn’t going into the trash.



Depends on where you live and what recycling options are available to you.

From the interwebs:

Acrylic plastic is not recycled easily. Among recycled plastics, it is considered as a Group 7 plastic and mostly not collected for recycling.

Art classes. I’m putting a box together now and will find an Arts/Crafts teacher to take them.


I pile scraps in a box and periodically my kids, who are “crafty” will pick out pieces that they can use for their projects.


Also keep in mind that scout packs are excellent recyclers of anything crafty.

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Didn’t I read somewhere that you can dissolve some of it and make a homebrew of acrylic glue? Definitely wouldn’t use all the scrap, but recycling some into something you might buy is better than nothing.

That was one nice thing about TechShop – all the vultures willing to pick everything clean (myself included)! I don’t plan on using too much acrylic, but will keep an eye on this thread for any good ideas from the community.

Posting for free on craigslist, nextdoor, etc. may also generate leads.

Draw eyes on them and sell them as shopkins.