Recycling Plastic into Laserable Sheets

This has been discussed several times before but, this video has been making the rounds and, might be useful for anyone pursuing this:


Interesting! Mostly PLA from 3D printing, I gathered. I’ve also seen material made by ironing together a bunch of grocery bags—those are mostly made of hdpe or ldpe.


Thanks for sharing this. It was interesting!


Be very careful with plastic. I’ve fused plastic bags with an iron, but I wouldn’t think it’s safe for gloworge. Even ironing them, you have to be mindful of fumes. There’s petroleum in the plastic and not sure what else. Would want to research.

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Knowing your plastics is definitely a must. I have a bunch of scrap acrylic I would love to reuse. I think the cooling process, so it doesn’t warp, seems to be the hardest problem…

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