Red Cedar - Cutting

Has anyone cut on Red Cedar? Just need to cut out a shape, no engraving needed.


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Your best bet with non Proofgrade material is to understand manual settings and do some testing. Your best bet for knowing where to start testing, is to utilize the years of information here in the forum. Threads in the Beyond the Manual section often contain settings. Here are some good places to start: Search results for 'cedar' - Glowforge Owners Forum


I cut Red Cedar all the time. I use very thin 1/16" sheets. My settings are 275/FULL. You would need to reduce the speed for thicker material. And sometimes Cedar will crumble, crack or split when cutting through knots.


Thank you, I will start searching.

Vicky Royster

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Beautiful pickguard. Did you create the art yourself or is there a vector shape out there somewhere?


there are sites with PDFs of standard pick guard sizes.

now… there are “knockoff” guitars that often don’t take quite the same size as the standard (ask me how i know).


Which model Glowforge?


I don’t think with 1/16 I could get that speed.
Pretty awesome though.


As @shop mentioned it is from a PDF I found online. I modified it somewhat, but it’s basically the standard pickguard.

It’s a Basic.

Moved to Beyond the Manual for compliance with forum rules. :slight_smile:

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Cedar cuts like butter. I absolutely love the stuff!


I’ve cut through Cedar Safe wall planks from Home Depot with some success. Actually, better than most other .25" material I’ve used, and that’s about how thick they are. I don’t know if it is specifically red cedar, only that it’s aromatic, and it’s a reddish color. I use
215 speed
Full Power
3 passes
that works for me. I wipe the edges off with a damp cloth or wet wipe, as it’s got some soot there, but the cuts are clean and smooth.


Thank you, I appreciate the help!

Vicky Royster

I cut .25" cedar plank with similar settings. It was very much the case that you got a cleaner cut with multiple passes. I COULD cut it in one pass with full Pro power but the edge was black and charred… Not worth doing.

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I’ve cut 1/2 inch cedar boards in one pass on my basic with next to no charring. I can’t remember the settings I used at the time however.

Thank you.

Vicky Royster

Thank you!

Vicky Royster

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