Red Oak settings help

Hi, new to GF, on the box that I purchased it said to do 120 FP that was my first attempt, 2nd attempt 170 FP still didn’t cut neither time. it’s 1/8’’, not GF material…thanks in advance

Your second attempt was at a higher speed. You need to slow it down to increase its cutting ability.


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Check this list out, I think you’ll find #6 really useful.


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Is this red oak hardwood or red oak plywood? Is the material being held perfectly flat against the honeycomb tray?


To be honest with you I have no idea. I wish they would put the recommended settings. It’s alittle over whelming.

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Yes its completely flat against crumb tray. How can you tell if it’s hardwood or plywood?

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When you bought it, you should have noticed in the description. I’m guessing it is plywood since Glowforge Proofgrade settings for red oak hardwood would probably work if it is hardwood.

Some plywood has glue, fillers, voids and knots that make it really difficult to cut with a laser. You will probably have to test as suggested in the post above.


Thank you for your help!!

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It’s easiest for me to pick a proofgrade material similar to what you’re using and use those settings adjusting as needed than to come up with them out of the air which is what it seems when you first start :grinning: