Red Ribbon Week


Those of you with grade school aged kids will understand this post. This past week was Red Ribbon Week at my daughter’s school and Tuesday was Crazy Sunglasses Day. My daughter asked if we could make sunglasses on the Glowforge and I said “of course,” and I had no clue what I was doing. After numerous attempts (and lots of wasted material) we finally came up with a design that actually worked. We decided to incorporate her school mascot into the sunglasses and this was the result. Glitter makes all things awesome!! We were out of green glitter, so we had to use teal. We were sure she was going to win the prize for the best glasses Unfortunately, the school without telling us decided they were not giving out prizes anymore. I’ve included a picture of the original dragon mascot. Also, we ended up using the PG clear acrylic.


Yes, those definitely should have won! (How dare they cancel on you?) :grinning:


I’m sure your daughter was thrilled with these! It’s a shame they did away with the prizes … but, the time planning and executing the project was priceless!