Redesigned Africa Earrings

Broke out the glowforge briefly today and printed a slightly redesigned version of my Africa earing that includes Madagascar. Made for a friend with the text in the middle being from her companyDSC05119 DSC05124 . Made out of proofgrade red medium acrylic with gold hardware.


What a cool design. I love the way you’ve added Madagascar.


Thank you.

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Amazing what ideas come forth when owning a Glowforge!

Very nice, but now I Toto singing in my head :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m so new at this. I have not turned on my GF. Red Acrylic, where did you but itOr did you paint the wood using red acrylic paint. An amazing idea!
Thank you

Might have been from the Glowforge shop:

Hello. Jules is correct this is just the Red Acrylic from the Glowforge shop.

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Thank you:-)