Referral Bonus Disappeared


My referral bonus just went from 1000 to 0. Not sure if this affected everyone or just me. Might want to check yours too…


Mine’s still there, although it looks like one more cancelled. :slightly_frowning_face: That’s two I’ve missed out on now.


Mine is still there…
Sounds like support time!


Hope that’s just a glitch and not all your referrals canceling.


Im sure its a glitch. Last time I checked, which was recently, the meter was full. I also happen to have amassed quite a large number of referrals, so having them all cancel at the same time is highly improbable, but it did cross my mind for a split second of panic =P

@jkopel haha for real. I wasted no time sending that in!


I’d post something to Problems & Support - Rita’s likely to be able to help.

(Also, FYI, moving a thread to P&S doesn’t summon the Customer Success Champions from Asgard to do battle with your problems - you have to start a new topic there, or they might miss it.)


Ah thanks, Im not sure how I missed that category!



Note to self, stop annoying support, they might have battle axes.


:laughing::laughing::joy: Good to see @dan hasn’t lost his sense of humor.


usually all of us who work as Technical Support have at least one axe or sword :wink: … just we are not allowed to use them :pensive:… sometimes :wink: hahaha


Some of us have trebuchets in addition…


Mine should show one referral, it’s still at zero. Support emailed.