Referral code

Hi. Were do I find my referral code so I can share it? Thanks Mike

When you are on your Dashboard, just click the Glowforge button (where you see if it is online or ready or centering) and it is in that window.

And good luck. I have had mine about 5 months and haven’t had anyone use it yet. :frowning:

I remember finding a random one off the internet when I bought my gf, just because I wanted the discount. I wonder whose I used sometimes :rofl::rofl:


Thank you. I did a random one as well. I had watched some videos prior to ordering and used one of those peoples.

That’s what I did too…and I wonder too, and hope it was someone I “know” from the forums…

I’ve had a number of people use my referral from seeing my stuff on Instagram or my website. You can try and monitor the facebook groups, but they are savage sharks in a pool of blood when some asks for a code. I think social media is the way to go depending on how aggressive you want to be.


Seriously… anyone know how to find it (there is no Glowforge™ button in the dashboard)

Click your machine name in the Dashboard. The number next to “refer a friend” is yours.

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