Referral Credit Rant


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It’s mentally healthy to unload!
I’m just another owner, so I have no idea how their credit is structured, but I have seen @dan square away what I perceive to be bigger problems.


On the face of it if I bought one machine and then 2 others on my referral code I would not get a referral fee. If I bought one and then had my friend buy one that would get a referral fee. If I then bought a second one on my friend’s referral code I don’t think he would get a referral fee since I was already acquainted with my first one.

If I had a government job and had the government buy a machine and got a referral fee I could get arrested in many places for taking a kickback as that is the essence of government corruption. If anyone in the US is enforcing such laws I would be surprised, but I still would not be complaining loudly about not getting it.


On the other hand many studies have shown that it isn’t. And my personal experience is that not only is it not helpful for me but that it actively makes everyone who has to listen to it less happy too.

So yeah great I hope you feel better, we don’t.


Well ya know…it is healthy for me, and if you don’t like it then don’t read it . There I feel much better now!


Mic drop moment. :clap: :clap:


Surprise! The US government does actively enforce such ethics violations. In 25+ years working at government labs, I know for a fact that auditors and inspectors general from multiple agencies and branches have no problem referring such cases for prosecution. Not this exact situation, of course, but it’s worth noting that school grants are almost always funded by the government and subject to audit.


I can’t disagree, although a bartender is a lot cheaper than a psychiatrist.


The legal terms are spelled out pretty clearly.

The referral program is designed to encourage owners to bring on new customers, not as an ongoing discount to be used by existing customers for repeated purchases.

You get one referral discount for each new and unique customer who purchases using your referral code.


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