Referral Head's up

Just an FYI. I (finally) ordered my GF last week through a referral link. It showed the referrer’s name on the purchase pages and my final total listed the discount for the referral. When I got the confirmation email (and credit card bill), the purchase price was without the discount. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, but GF has reimbursed the difference for me and they’ve added the referral link, which apparently didn’t go through when all was said and done.

Since I checked the purchase price AND the referral info about a dozen times before submitting, if an error could happen to me, it could happen to anyone. Might want to double check your referrals just in case…


Lying about money is, generally speaking, illegal, but only if it was intentional or unintentional and when notified the party at fault doesn’t do anything about it. Without other evidence this would be classified as an honest mistake that was corrected.

It’s always a good policy to double-check your bills. One tactic used by people who steal credit card info is to make small charges and see if you just pay your bill without analyzing what’s on the statement.


I’m not accusing GF of lying about money or anything else nefarious. The shopping cart presented a certain amount for me to approve, and I was billed a different amount. That is illegal, whether intentional or not. It has been resolved and I’m not worried about that, although it seems like a potentially buggy system.

And, yes, certainly check your bills. But the point was really that the referral did not go through properly even though it appeared to on my end. :slight_smile: