I purchased a new unit and had issues from day one with it being stuck on focus. They couldn’t fix it and said my unit was defective and wants to replace my brand new unit that I paid full price for with a refurbished unit! Has anyone else had this happen?

Pretty standard, and not just for Glowforge.

Also, I’d rather have a refurbished unit than a new one. Most electronic equipment failures happen in the first 6 months. You’re ahead of the game statistically with refurbished; less likely to die on you. :slight_smile:


What geek2nurse said.


Had my pro unit a week, and had alignment issues. Worked with support, after a few days they concluded that it could not be fixed. Needed to replace the machines. Since mine was only a week old, they gave me two choices. A refurbished unit and a credit or wait 5 weeks for a new unit. I choose to wait for a new one.

New one showed up just under 10 days.

I had a refurbished replacement and it’s doing great. I’d say it’s a safe bet to rely on a refurbished unit from Glowforge if you would like to decrease the wait time. Would be interesting to see the full metrics on new versus refurbished having defects, but I have a hunch that refurbished might even be better statistically.

I wonder what defective units are eligible for refurbishment? Some might just be returns to within the return window. Banging through shipping a couple times. Again, hard telling what the stats are.


Got my refurbished unit that replaces my brand new unit and this one will not even power on!!! Customerservice is horrible I would never recommend Glowforge all around been a nightmare

Do you have a pro unit? If so there is a safety interlock switch just above the power switch on the back. sometimes it can come lose in shipping. kinda looks like a staple.
And if that is in there probably a silly question but worth plugging something else into the outlet to make sure it hasn’t overloaded a breaker in your building or something along those lines.

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