RELEASE THE KRAKEN! (Or at least, a very cute octopus.)

LOL! I couldn’t live without trees!!! Of course, I am a forester. I hunted thru my photos yesterday but could not find any photos of the Giant Kraken Cherry Tree!!!

So, went outside this morning and shot these photos from my back deck, not great photos because they are to the east where the sun is rising ( sun is always behind clouds here because I am in the Pacific Northwest!) :slight_smile:

The trees are over three feet in diameter at the butt and the one on the right is 160 fee tall. I planted the seedling last week! :wink::rofl:

Western hemlock on the left, the state tree, and the mighty Douglas fir on the right, named for the famous botanist David Douglas.



Of course, I also love wood. But, you have to kill the tree to get the wood.

That is the paradox, you have to kill the tree to get the wood. Solve that paradox and you can live a happy life.

Here is a photo looking in the opposite direction, to the west, from my back deck. I took this a couple weeks ago. I needed some wood!!!

Urban forestry!


Scary as hell to watch them take down one of the big ones right over your bedroom. :open_mouth:

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Years and years ago, I knocked down a huge maple tree, fell it right alongside the house. They are a little more risky to control the direction because much of the weight is in the branches that are spread out away from the main trunk.

Steady nerves (and a good insurance policy!) :slight_smile:

I needed to knock it down to get my vehicles into the back yard, had firewood for years and years!


Your trees (and clouds) look a lot like the ones in my own back yard here in Battle Ground, WA. I think we might be neighbors! :wink:

From your past posts, I got the impression that you were in the Spokane area, so at least I got the state correct! I always try and figure out where people live from their posts.

I am in Olympia, so we ARE neighbors!!! Cool!!!

The tree being cut in my past post was a Deodar cedar, native to the middle east and Asia but a popular ornamental in the U.S.

I will be felling a three foot diameter Western Hemlock on Tuesday on the other side of my yard and probably slabbing it to make some tables. Hope it doesn’t land on the house!!! I live on a city lot and the tree is about 10 feet from the house.

I have admired this tree for over 40 years from my deck and spent every evening this past week talking to it before it falls, gorgeous tree but it will live on by providing wood for many projects that will be passed down to kids and grandkids. The cycle of life…

Nice blue Pacific Northwest late spring sky in the background!!!

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Spokane, huh? Now I have to go read my old posts and see what I said to make you think that. :wink:

That’s a beautiful tree. (And yes, wasn’t it a gorgeous day today?!?) I keep eyeing the ones nearest our house, thinking solar energy might be nice to try, but I haven’t quite had the heart to give them up, so our roof remains less than adequately lit for it to be a real possibility. sigh

I am going to have to re-read them too!!! We too are now looking at solar once the tree is down, the exposure is to the east and not ideal but modern solar panels are fairly efficient.

Our camper is solar powered with two small solar panels and this past winter, which was very overcast and wet, as you well know, did a great job of keeping the battery fully charged, plus running the compressor for the small refrigerator to cool my beer. When it comes to cooling my beer, I am very environmentally sensitive! :slight_smile:

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That’s good to know! We couldn’t do it before because there were two large maples on the south side of the house, but both of those have come down now (one on its own and one because the tree guy said it would if we didn’t). There’s still a lot of tree cover, but not right up against the house, so given what you said I might see about getting them to come out and re-evaluate. :slight_smile: