Remember when we talked about boxes?


I assembled and added some finishing touches. Zero glue. Was using just Baltic birch ply and a cut line went through a knot, you might find, but overall, I’m loving this!


That looks great!! Love the all-laser no-glue design and the cute yet functional living hinge!! I assume it’s your own dedicated?


Very nice design–love the slide top.


Oooooooooooooooh. I love this design.


Actually, that’s my registered trademark. This one and several like it will go to convention.


Awesome! Love the mechanisms! (grin)


Now THAT, is just straight up cool!
I love it.


Acrylic is nifty also!


Beautiful @Sawa, especially the way you incorporated the living hinge!


Such a neat design!



Wow, awesome design! :game_die:


At first I saw the locking mechanism on the side and thought, “Hmm, that’s smart… Wait, what’s with the living hinge on the bottom ther—NO WAY!!! THAT’S AWESOME!”


That is ridiculous…LY AWESOME! Not to put down any other boxes people have made, but that one is now my favorite. love the living hinge and snap pin design, absolutely brilliant.


I’m going to try a full acrylic one this week, but may have to rework the living hinge.


I really love the one with the acrylic on top. I am sure that a fully acrylic one would be awesome too. Amazing Work! :sunglasses:


Really neat looking design! :slight_smile:
But I can’t figure out how the box gets build. In which order do you have to put the pieces together?


Wow! Great job with it!


Nice work. I like the acrylic version.


There is a trick, but I don’t have to reveal all my secrets, right?