Remote Controlled Sockets

I’m guessing the answer’s going to be ‘Don’t’ but does anyone know of any reason that would make connecting the Glowforge to a remote controlled socket a bad idea? The plug socket for the forge is in a really awkward spot. It’s only on when I’m in the room but it’d be great to be able to turn it on / off without lying down and clambering around the bench each time.

It won’t be officially supported… but, this is BTM :slight_smile:

Several people are doing this and it’s been discussed a fair amount. One of the concerns is that at peak draw, it bumps up to or exceeds the current limit on some of the smart switches - so you’ll want to make sure that the switch can handle the load.

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BTM? You’ve lost me on that one dude - I googled it an everthinks!

Yeh, load was a worry as the other device I’m going to wire up is the booster fan. Do we know what, ish, the GF draws at peak btw?

Beyond the Manual. :wink:

Peak is rated at 700 watts.

Over here on our 120v system, that’s just under 6amps. Are you on 230v? That should be about 3amps.

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{facepalm} of course it is…

Yep we are, and the sockets I was looking at handle 2900 watts, so they’d be no issue. Awesome, thanks JB!

A side note, but the GF does have a mechanical power switch on the back. You do not need to turn off the receptacle at the wall - US outlets don’t even have switches.

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Heh, yeh I know. My forge is on a giant roll-out drawer, so it’s a bit tight to reach in behind it. It’s not a massive issue for the forge, it is a massive issue for the blower fan which is under the forge, behind a giant kick board in a crawl space…! But, I get two power blocks in the kit so I might as well use them both :slight_smile:

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One caveat – be sure to get a smart socket you really trust. I used Wemo to control my 3D printer until it evidenced a tendency to turn itself off randomly during 20-hour prints.

There are quite a few people using Alexa or Google to turn their units on via various remote socket ecosystems, with no reported problems.

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Fair point - just not sure I trust Amazon or Google with quite that much power, literally and figuratively. They already have enough hooks in my life :confused:

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OK, so another side note, seeing as we’re “BTM” - I have mine plugged into one of those 4’ long power strips with a dozen or so outlets. I’ve had them in my workshops for years and find they are generally better made, and have minimal, if any, voltage/power loss compared to “regular” consumer power strips.

I’ve had some issues with my GF occasionally “restarting” during startup, so to eliminate the strip as a potential weak spot, I ran it plugged in directly for a while, and the restarts still occurred. So I use the strip - which is attached to the rolling workbench that the GF currently resides upon.

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