Remove Burn Marks Cork

How do I or can I remove the burning markings from the cork.

I’m not sure you’re giving us enough detail to help.

Got a pic or more detail about what you’re doing?

I have successfully cut and engraved cork without substantial burn marks, so I am just guessing here that you could either adjust your settings and/or wash the burn marks with soap and water.

I am pretty sure that there are all sorts of different kinds of cork, so that may be one reason your results are different than others have had with this material. I found this post helpful when I was preparing a cork project: Played around with some cork!


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If you’re wanting it to be black like to have there, you can mask the cork before cutting. Otherwise, I’d use a lighter setting. It looks to me like you’re over burning the cork. I don’t have any experience removing the smoke residue from cork because I just use a light engrave to discolor the cork.


What @drellum said. Way overpowered. Try more like 5 power, cork requires almost no laser to go very dark.


And you can sand cork to remove smoke residue if you need to. It’s just easier to go with less power, I never have to clean my cork up.


Thanks. I think I just used too much power.

Lamar M. Ware


Staining can be removed with Alcohol Hand Sanitizer though I would test it to make sure it does not dissolve what is holding the cork together, I have also used bleach tile cleaner to bleach out stains. I have heard Ammonia also works but do not use them on the same piece as they can be nasty when together.

Dry magic sponges work a treat as well.

I’ve been using straight lemon juice to kill residue stains. It’s magic.

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Lamar M. Ware