"Remove Masking" template for GF EarSavers

If you want to take the extra time (18min/side), you can lightly score this onto the back and front of your masked sheets before printing. Obviously use a VERY light score so that only the masking is marked by this step, and of course, do the “back” side first. The GF 12x20" design is symmetrical so everything aligns up fine when you flip the sheet.

Edit - updated info below

GFES-RM.svg.zip (31.0 KB)

(You’ll get a “clip path” error. Ignore it.)

  1. I ready like this
  2. what setting did you use

I am really hesitant about this because your material, masking, machine power, cleanliness of optics could all make a difference. As with any print where settings are critical, I STRONGLY recommend testing on a small area before committing to a full sheet.

With that said, on my Pro, with PG acrylic, 500/11 made the wording obvious but barely touched the acrylic. You can find marks if you look for them but they are virtually undetectable next to the regular score. These are functional items, not cosmetic, and we’re donating them.


We’re only allowed to discuss non-PG settings in the Beyond the Manual section (per the Friendly Neighborhood Lawyers (FNL)) - luckily that’s one I’ve searched before: Settings for 1/32" HDPE? - #17 by caribis2

Sometimes searches seem frustrating because there is so much information out there - and often what your’e looking for is answered in a thread that has nothing to do with what you’re looking for - but in the end it’s worth it :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing this…

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I understand

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You are right I should have look


No worries.
Considering the charitable effort that we and glowforge are contributing to this nightmare we’re in, If the company’s friendly neighborhood lawyer made noise regarding the potential liability associated with the forum posting settings in the wrong forum, Dan would look him in the eye and tell him to take a seat. Great idea for the labeling.


I made a change, reduced it to just say “remove” and only engrave onto the back side, centered on each piece. I also switched to using 500/15/.25" for a defocused score, it comes out clearer.

GFES-R.svg.zip (27.3 KB)


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