Removed the tabs completely!

I added an inline booster fan to my setup, and since it was time for a deep clean, I popped the left side glass top off. While I was doing that, getting more and more annoyed at the whole tab design, it occurred to me. I’m already out of warranty, and I’ve already modded it once, why not again? So I am now the proud owner of a unit with an easily removable left side glass top, so I can clean that damn fan, easily any time I want.


You’re gonna post pictures right (she says hopefully)

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Didn’t take any. But if you’ve ever removed that top left glass, you’ll know what/where they are. I just took a Dremel to them until the top didn’t catch on them any more. The top still seats properly, and is still held by the 3 screws, so that the lid still works and seals properly.

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So far I haven’t done any modifications, only add-ons…but it’s probably coming :stuck_out_tongue:

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My take is to reduce the thickness of the ‘wedges’ on the inside of the case, that catch the tabs as you push the lid back on.
Then in future, a slight deflection of the case, by pulling the case just under the metallic trim, should make disengagement of the tabs much easier.
(My pro is apart as I write this, due to an apparently dead exhaust fan.)
John :upside_down_face:

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I should use more precise terminology…it was those “wedges” that I removed, not the tabs that lock onto them.

As for your fan, I had to replace mine, and, being out of warranty, I used Scott’s suggestion over on OpenGlow, I went here:

Only issue is that it doesn’t come with a connector block, or even crimps on the wire ends. My solution was to cut the connector block, along with a couple of inches of wiring, off the old fan, and use that to solder/heat shrink tube it to the new fan.

Worked great for me. YMMV