REMOVING - $125 x 4 ($500 total) Glowforge Gift Cards For Sale - $440

Hey Glowforge Fam!

I sold my Glowforge Basic a few months ago and forgot that I have four $125 Glowforge gift cards that I didn’t use. Putting them up for sale here.

I’m asking for $440 if you’re interested in buying all 4 gift cards. Prefer to sell altogether but open to selling individually for $115 each.

They’re all digital gift cards from Glowforge which I’ll forward you the codes. Will look something like this with the code in the middle:

Preferred payment via PayPal, we can figure out details through email for privacy.


Isn’t there a way to convert them to cash through glowforge?


Oh wow. Didn’t realize that. Thanks Evan for the suggestion

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It’s detailed in the screenshot you posted.


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