Removing carriage plate - mirror tip

One thing I hear a lot from glowforgers is how nervous they are on removing the carriage plate. Glowforge has a good write up on how to remove the carriage plate and there are other good videos. One trick I do that really helps me is that I use a mirror to get a better view of what I am doing. If you’re like me and seeing the mechanics of something really helps you understand it then you might find a vanity mirror to be helpful. I also use one with on LED frame so it lights up and I can see better. The glowforge is of course off when doing this and so the pocket mirror can be really helpful with adding light.

Note that these images are just for showing the view you can get with the mirror. The belt is still on the pulley in this photo because I was not actually removing the plate at this time. Make sure you read the glowforge instructions and the mirror tip is mainly just helpful when you get to step 5 of actually removing the plate.

Also, for reference, here is the instructions from glowforge on removing the plate:


Great tip!

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If only you knew how much I struggle the the Left hand belt screw under the carriage , I never thought about using a mirrors to see that allen screw. Life changer for me.

Thank you

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Can you post a link for the Mirrior with the Led , looks perfect . Or the name of it.

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I picked it up when shopping around at Marshalls. It’s just a standard handbag makeup mirror :slight_smile:

Here is one just like it from Amazon:


Thank you so much ,

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Awesome! Do you know what kind of screw is used to tighten and loosen the belt?

You need an Allen key to remove the belt tensioner

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Hi, Yes I mean the screw. I may have stripped it.

Try unscrewing the opposite side if u stripped that screw or u need a torque driver that will fit around the perimeter of the screw u stripped

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I can take it off fine, but I’m not strong enough to put it back on.