Removing gray backing from mirrored acrylic

I bought mirrored acrylic to try out. It cuts like a dream, but I can’t figure out what to use in order to remove this gray backing (pictured below). Any help is greatly appreciated.

The gray backing is what makes it mirrored, I’m pretty sure.


Are you talking about the Masking? You can search under masking for many ways of doing so or just stick Gorilla Tape on and rip it off.

Engrave it with the gray side up on the bed? (Removes the gray backing. That part will become clear.)

Yep, just figured that out. The color of the mirrored acrylic is pretty dark which is probably why I’m fussing about it just a bit.

That’s what I did, gray side up, masked side down. gives off a wonderful aroma.

No, the masking came off like a dream after I cut it.

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Clean it off with acetone. However, too much will remove the mirror surface, so practice on scrap material first.

I spray paint it with a corresponding metallic spray paint.