Removing of the plastic liners

has anyone figured out if their is a solution to use on the acrylic and wood to remove the liners. It is a pain to remove them

If you mean masking, for tiny pieces, I use a strong duct tape. It’s especially helpful to pull up the corners to peel off larger pieces.


You should remove plastic masking before working with acrylic.

I’ve never seen plastic on wood, but if it is, you should remove it as well and replace with regular paper masking if it is needed.



I mean the liners on the boards when you buy them … not a plastic per say

has anyone found a solution like terpentine or something

No need for anything that strong - they’re a medium adhesive, just pull them off. If you’ve got lots of tiny pieces you can also use a stronger adhesive (Gorilla Tape works well), or a plastic blade (putty knife).
You can drop acrylic into soapy water and wash it off, but that will swell/weaken your wood so be aware of drying times if you try it with that.

If you’re having major issues, you can always remove it before you cut and then clean your material after. Paste toothpaste and Orange clean is great on acrylic - vinegar or alcohol for wood.

I think you are talking about masking. This method has worked well for me regarding small bits in text or intricate designs.

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Plastic razor blade/scraper.


Aside from the last two suggestions, I use a very dull razor blade for wood, just run that puppy on some concrete or sandpaper to dull it. The plastic razor blades are especially great on acrylic since they don’t scratch it as easily.

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