Reordering operations instead of ignoring them?

So I feel like I’m crazy because I have done it before!

Is there a way to just reorder operations instead of setting them to ignore in the GFUI? Meaning, let’s say I have something that is getting an assortment of operations within the same print job. Cuts, scores, engraves (or some sort of variations of thereof). If you are doing cuts and engraves, you want the engraves to do first so that the cuts if done first don’t potentially cause your pieces to drop/shift and alter your engrave.

I HAVE done it before with some prints but it works with some print jobs and then I can’t do it with others and I don’t understand why I can do it with some and not with others.

I ALWAYS use Chrome so that’s not it. Some designs are imported svgs, sometimes its a combination of svgs or png files that I’ve imported and then added elements that are done using the premium tools (combination of things) and then other times I’m doing stuff completely within the GFUI (like I’m working on right now). I’m doing a bunch of brooches with just simple text that I’m using the GFUI text tool and then the GFUI offset shape tool to create my cuts. I can’t seem to move all the cuts so that they happen after all the engraves. When I move my cursor over the actions to try to drag them and move them around, nothing happens. But I HAVE been able to do this with other prints and I would just like to know what I’m missing here.

Thanks in advance!

Try restarting your browser? Generally you should be able to drag them around.

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that’s not it. I restart my browser and whatnot all the time. It doesn’t make any difference in the functionality of that. The reordering tool has NEVER worked consistently for me. I only realized it was a thing that COULD be done kind of by accident when I thought “hey let me try to reorder these things” and then it worked! But then I tried to do it with other print jobs and it doesn’t work. Its really frustrating that I can’t figure out what the common denominator is for the times it DOES work and how I can replicate those parameters so I can continue to use that function in other print jobs.

What happens when you try to drag them?

Yeah I just tested it and it’s working fine for me. Sounds specific to your browser or file? Send a screenshot?

you mean within the tool bar? Absolutely nothing. When I hover over something I DO get a two sided arrow thingie that would SEEM to indicate I can move something in the actions tool bar, but nothing happens.

So really long shot, but are you using a cordless mouse? I found that my mouse wasn’t holding clicks properly when my battery was getting low. Gave me all sorts of weird effects though, not just the UI. Probably nothing, but if you have a spare battery around might be worth a shot?

Have you tried just clicking the thumbnails and dragging them? I can’t tell for sure from what you’re saying. There aren’t any buttons or arrows or anything that pop up.


I just tried to open up different ones and try it and I can’t get it to work with ANYTHING now when I was able to do so previously.

I can’t see how it could be a file issue when many of my prints don’t even have imported files, its all items that were created from within the GFUI using their premium tools, like the project I’m working on right now is no imported file, its the text tool for an engraved word and the outline tool for an offset cut shape. I can’t move them around to change the order at all.

I only use Chrome and its worked fine with some projects using Chrome before but for shits and giggles I opened up Microsoft Edge (which I NEVER use) and now the reorder tool works!

Has anyone found that some functionality of the GFUI doesn’t work with Chrome or other browsers? I found some old threads about this but those were several years old.

I’m in chrome, and as I said above, it’s working like a champ.

Did you install any new plugins to chrome recently? Maybe you have a conflict?

No new plug ins that I can think of.

Well seeing as Chrome seems to be finnicky for me but its working fine in Edge, I’m just going through all my projects now in Edge and moving orders around to save them how I want them.

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Alternately you could use colors properly and set the order in your designs from the start.

Inkscape custom palette generator

I never really have to reorder anything because I design with order in mind.

All of my imported files have “proper” colors designated. LOL I’m very proficient with Inkscape. I use different colors for scores, cuts and engraves when I create my files in IS. That hasn’t made any difference whatsoever. It doesn’t work whether its files I’ve made myself in Inkscape, files I’ve purchased, free files I’ve gotten from here in the forums, or for print jobs where there are NO files imported and its all elements created 100% from inside the GFUI using the GF premium tools.

The common denominator right now seems to be Chrome. No apparent issues with the reorder tool in Microsoft Edge.


No I didn’t mean that it would make it suddenly work in chrome, I meant that they’d already be in the correct order and thus you wouldn’t need to rearrange at all.

It’s all about the color hex values.


Just to clarify… There aren’t correct colors. The GFUI automatically orders things based on the colors you choose, so you can define the order from the design phase.


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