Repeat After Me

Score. Engrave. Cut.

Score. Engrave. Cut.

Sigh… Eventually I will remember to do it in the proper order.


I usually engrave before scoring. Is there a reason they should go the other way around that i’ve missed? Yes, I always cut last.

The part that I screw up all the time is the cut…

I am doing the Tie Fighter right now and when it imported it defaulted to the cut lines first… I didn’t even think about re-arranging them for some reason. I did something similar to another one recently.

The point is… always cut last.

You can see that the tension in the wood was released and it bowed up some after the cut… should be interesting to see if the whole thing makes it out alive.

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Yeah, I know the default order on that one. Call me crazy (I am), but I like to E/S/C order.


I guess it’s all just part of learning how to use the thing.

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For sure. In 1 year, we will have a comprehensive “New Users’ Guide” complete with all the little tips and tricks they need to produce stellar outputs every time.

Stellar? Pun Intended? =)

Always, never, or something.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who forgot to change the order on the Tie Fighter/X-Wing ornament! Have you been able to get the X-Wing assembled without it breaking?

Nope… I was just going to post about that.

Most of the Tie Fighter didn’t cut all the way through the board… and I was using the proofgrade plywood. my GUESS is that the warp in the board screwed things up (didn’t warp until the cut was made.

Warp would screw that up. Works great in acrylic, but I can’t get the xwing together.

I was using draftboard, and it worked fine. I’m working on adjusting the file now. Once I get it right, I might make them out of florescent acrylic.

I am going to try and just join all the parting lines in a CAD program… I don’t really care about presenting someone with the plaque… I just wanted the ornaments.

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Someone beat me to it. =)

That’s the file I’ve been using that has had assembly failures for X-Wings.

Really? =( what part is failing for you? What material are you using?

Proofgrade acrylic. Attaching the wings to the body, the teeth don’t line up well, specially on the bottom. Something is always cracking or breaking.

How about a half scale version made out of a nerf gun cardboard box? LOL