Replacement Unit After Warranty Period Has Expired

Has anyone had any experience with needing a replacement unit after the warranty period has expired? We bought it last July so the warranty period has come and gone and we already had to have it replaced twice last year as well. Thanks

One thing to look at, aside from how Glowforge may handle, is whether or not the credit card you used may provided extended warranty protection. For example, many AmEx cards extend the original warranty on many products by doubling the warranty, now up to an additional two years. Note that there are some limitations and exclusions by product (but I would suggest using glowforge’s own description… “a 3d laser printer” -and by states (I believe in Indiana (and a few other states) it is limited to extedning by a max of one additional year.

As a result, if you do have an out of warranty issue, you may have coverage from your CC provider.

Just a thought.


So far no, but there are a bunch of us out of warranty now so it’s bound to happen. Let us know how it goes! (presuming the extended warranty that @todd.hassell mentioned doesn’t come into play)

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