Request from my wife - Unique kitchen clock


My wife and I were recently in Italy and we saw a clock at a restaurant that we thought would be perfect for our kitchen. My typical response ever since I got the Glowforge is “I can make that.” I week after we got back we went shopping for some colorful kitchen utensils and I created this! The silver clock is the one we saw in Italy (in case you cannot tell which one I built). I used medium draft wood as the base and since I didn’t have any more PG walnut I had to use medium draftwood for the face as well. Luckily I had a couple of sheets of Walnut veneer!


So creative!! Love it :heart_eyes:


Oh that is so freaking cool! (And now I know what to do with all the cooking utensils that you never have time to use once you get a Glowforge.) :smile:


Of course the colorful whimsical one for the kitchen and the sterling silver one (when you make it) will be for the formal dinning room.


Class. Very clever :slight_smile:


You’re going to need some parsley, sage and rosemary to go with your time.


I think it’s time for me to “whisk” up another one!


Yes very creative, colorful and whimsical.

Way cool!!!


Very nice and Teflon safe, but I can see some serving issues in the future :joy::joy::joy:


Some of the new metallic paints are pretty amazing. I’m really fond of the hammered bronze. :sunglasses:


Very cool clock! I really like the way you attached the tools. If at some point you find you need a slotted spoon you could just snip the zip, grab 6 o’clock, use it, clean it, and zip it back in!


Sweet clock! It’s awesome seeing how you took the original clock idea and turned it into something of your own.


Great Job


A very fun addition to your home … And a nice memory of your vacation.