Request network printer feature

As I’ve noted in another thread the Glowforge takes a crazy number of file formats. Thank you cloud!

Can the Glowforge listen on the local network on port 515(lpd) and perhaps 9100(pdl) and send the data off to the cloud? This would enable a large number of computers with minimal effort to access the Glowforge from any software just by configuring a network printer. In the cloud you can use foomatic or something similar if there is a format you don’t already handle

The IPP port could be nice but doesn’t handle just a basic stream as far as I know.

I may be missing something but this and similar confuse me. I am a IT technician and manage many printers and servers at work. Normally networking printing is “great”(bane of my life). But why would you want it? Someone still has to put in materials and appropriate ones at that, then press the print button etc.

The GF isn’t magic nor does it have a tray or robot arm unless your making one.(I’ll be first in line). I’m not trying to have a go but am very curious from an IT point of view why it is “needed”. Surely their efforts could be much better used making some other feature be available?

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Cool idea! Put in the hopper.