Resawing sheet material for the Glowforge

Is there a recommended size for efficiently breaking down 4 X 8 sheet material to avoid wastage for the Glowforge?

Here is $24 worth of non-proofgrade medium draftboard. 32 full sized sheets and 16 almost half sheets. The local plywood store special ordered it and cut it in half for free. I did the rest of the cutting on my table saw.


I get the same sheet size of 1/8 mdf for about $8 from my local supplier, so that would be the biggest bump in efficiency. That being said @rbtdanforth had some good ideas about cut sizes here.

I have mine cut in half, stacked on top of one another, then in half. Restack, cut in half, restack, rotate 90 degrees, cut in half… Until all pieces are roughly 12x24. When I get home I trim to the size desired with a Skil Flooring saw.

I have a big-ass Radial Arm saw, but my local Home Depot will saw stuff up for me. I take 24x48" MDF and have it ripped (if that’s the right word for sawing MDF) it down to 2x 12x48" sheets. Then I have them cut the 2x 48" pieces so I end up with a total of 4x 20x12" with an 8x12" piece left over (which I always manage to find a use for). Alternately, rip the 24" width down to 20x48" then cut that in to 4x 20x12" pieces, and you’ve got 4x48" left over (which you can also find a use for).

You get twenty 19x12" pieces (minus kerf) from a sheet.


Or 25 sheets if you cut to nine amd a half wide as I might do with a basic. But with a pro I don’t have to choose as the 19 fits the passthrough.

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