Residue or Smoke or Smell Damage?

I plan on operating my GF in an apartment and was wondering if I need to worry about long term residue, smoke or smell damage to the apartment when using a filter? It’s a smoke free apartment and I’ll be doing wood, minimal acrylic and leather work.
Thanks as always!!


Yeah, “smoke free” doesn’t discriminate between what kind of smoke.
“Why is that guy sitting on his balcony in this weather staring into that white box??”


Seriously, @dan is the only one who could give the best estimate. Eventually the carbon will become saturated and the mechanical filtration will face-load.
The answer is going to depend on what materials are used in what quantity, so I expect the mileage will vary - but your nose will let you know when you need to start worrying.

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Okay, cool. I don’t expect it to be an issue. But I am just trying to think through all possible issues. :slight_smile:

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We’re in a pretty big, well-ventillated area, but we’ve been talking about this with Joshforge. The problem is less the filtered air, and more the puff of vapor that comes when you excitedly throw the lid open to grab your goodies. We’re looking at having a short countdown where we run the exhaust before recommending you open it.


Oh, that’s so great to hear (that’s there may be a cool down period) and that it’s on your radar! :slight_smile: I hadn’t considered the “puff” from opening the lid too quick. Haha.

If only someone had already invented a real tricorder…

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