Resizing UNPROPORTIONATELY a traced image?

Hi All…

I’m a new Ai user and GF owner. I have traced an image (signature), but I need to stretch the image left and right? It remains proportionate on the GF, so I’m trying to figure out how to get that image into my Ai software so I can do it there?

I can’t find where to download the traced image or save it onto my computer? Please help!


Well, as you figured out, the signature can’t be resized in the Glowforge interface except proportionally.

If you have a phone, I would take a picture of the signature, straight on, and bring it into Photoshop or Illustrator where it can be scaled on the horizontal only. Save that result and you can drag and drop it into the GFUI. There is no way to download the trace from the GFUI to your software to work on it. :neutral_face:


Thanks Jules! you always come through on my questions. :slight_smile: that stinks… I hope GF allows that to happen in a future release. I will take a pic with my phone… great idea!

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