Restaurant check presenters

My first “large order” and a lot less assembly than I’m used to for my projects! :wink: 33 check presenters for the restaurant I work for.

All cut from walnut and engraved with the restaurant logo and my logo/IG handle. All done on the GF, this machine continues to impress! Edge chamfering done by hand, I really need a router table!

Now we all just need the restaurant to stay open for dining so people get to see them(and I can keep my day job)!

Thanks for looking!


You work in Vail?

Nice. The rotisserie chicken salad is the best thing on the menu.

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Very nice. We all long for the day when eating in restaurants is a “normal” occurrence. Congrats on the order.


Yes I do! Been at Mtn Standard a little over five years now. Unfortunately, no chicken salad on right now :man_shrugging:. The one you liked may have been one of mine. I was the chef there until this past summer.


I’m in the Denver metro area! Haven’t been to Vail for a while though.

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They look pretty all lined up. Now I’m hungry for rotisserie chicken.

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