Restaurant Restroom Signs

Hello! I just got my Glowforge about a month ago and am using it for my new restaurant. I’ll be making cake toppers, special event items, and of course signs around my restaurant.

It’s only my second sign, and of course afterwards I realized I should have flipped it so you couldn’t see the lines made by the glowforge. If I buy more acrylic I’ll fix it, but it was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to making many more!


Lovely! and yeah - engraving from the backside gives you a clean “surface” (also easier to clean!)

Since you’re talking about doing more, something to keep in mind is that taking your laser a tiny bit out of focus on acrylic will remove those lines because it all kind of melts together (if the item is .25 thick, set the focus in the engrave command line down to .45 or similar)


Welcome to the forum. I look forward to seeing your cake toppers and special event items.

One of my first GF attempts involved a unisex bathroom sign. Didn’t work well because I was testing 2 color material with bad settings. But you get the idea.


Looks like that person is REALLY desperate to fine a Rest Room!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks for reminding me. Sitting in a brewery at this time. Will be back online in 4 minutes.


Nice! You are really gonna get a lot of great use out of that Glowforge. Restaurants are a tough business—I wish you best of luck!

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From the first day I was able to custom laser stuff I’ve been wanting to make custom all-gender bathroom signs because in so many situations things can easily be radically more inclusive with just a nice little sign change <3 This is simple and really lovely. Great job!

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