Retro Camper Back License Plate

Has anyone printed the January file retro camper and customized the license plate areas? I was exited to be able to be able to offer a personalized license plate, but then very disappointed to learn that the back license plate area was on the bottom of the camper and not visible. I’ve thought about engraving a personalized license plate area on this part “upside down”, and making it visible by placing it upside down so that it is appears near the middle/top of the back of the camper, but not sure how it would look.

The front license plate is nice and visible, but campers usually only have a single license plate, and it’s on the back.

If I were you I’d just cut and engrave a tiny license plate out of veneer or thin wood and glue it on.


i did it on the front one and put it on the top.

Interesting about the front being on top. Although typically there is not a license plate on the front of a camper trailer, I thought the default “front button” was… acceptable.

Not sure I like the idea of gluing a small, cut out license plate into the back curved living hinge… just seems like an easy thing to get bumped off since there is not much surface area for a piece to adhere to.


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