Reusable Decorative Letters

My wife has gotten into combining words to mark an occasion. Typically prefixed by the word “Happy”, at the moment, thought that will assuredly change.

Father’s Day was “Happy DAD” and now that it has passed, we are too “HAPPY DAY”.

I modeled a simple base and then added a tab to the letters. So now it is totally modular, if desired.

At some point, I’ll model it properly such that the letters are fully interchangeable. For the moment, the tab position on the letters is a bit random. And, yes, I need to paint the base. :slight_smile:


Nice affirmation! :smile:

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Haha—cute idea!

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Wonderful! Saw a very cool idea in Scrabble letters (easier to align the tabs) but this with some tab tuning would really pop!

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Fun idea! Love the bright orange.