Reusing boxes to make new ones

Came across this today - a file for making a small priority mail sized shipping box from scrap or from larger boxes. Looks like the file is pretty good. I’ve converted it to an SVG, though I have not yet tested the cut files.

Hopefully, it will work well. As soon as I go pillage some boxes from the recycling bin I will test it and report back.


Since the SVG doesn’t seem to want to attach, I’ve put the file in my Dropbox. Click this link to get the file. You don’t need a Dropbox in order to download the file. In the upper right of the page, click the three dots to get to the download button (in case it doesn’t just appear up there).


Nice share.

The SVG is there. The black speck after the second paragraph. Discourse doesn’t display the size attributes quite right. If you edit the tag in the edit window, just stick a few zeros on the height and width.

Never have to buy another shipping box with the Glowforge. This is a nice design.

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Thanks @marmak3261. It’s visible, but it’s lost the cut details. Alas. The one in the dropbox does load properly in the UI though, in case this SVG is too screwed up.

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I don’t have time right now to fix the original design, which seems to be in halves. When I have a few minutes, I’ll redraw it and post the new file.

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Thank you … This will come in handy!

Priority Mail boxes are free at the Post Office for us. I get a few every time I drop something off so I’ve got spares.


Ditto. And they have quite a few more available online than they do in the post office (that they’ll deliver for free). I use them almost exclusively for shipping my stuff since USPS is more competitive with my discounts at the weights I am shipping - and I don’t have to try and source boxes (that’s a major pain).


Yeah. That’s right. Although I just don’t feel right taking them and using them. I always have to check to see which is the right one. I don’t ship too much.

In any case, here is an svg cleaned up. It’s rough. Really needed to do it in OnShape or something to get it parametric. Since it is meant to share a cut line, I spent a while making everything symmetric. This size will fit two at a time in the Glowforge. I just need to find a little thinner cardboard. Standard office copy paper like from Hammermill almost are big enough to do a set. They are a thinner cardboard.



I do that too, but have ended up with a lot of boxes that are too big from things shipped to me. I figured better to find a way to use them somehow, otherwise, they just get recycled.

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Just received a large package shipped via FedEx. The item was fragile so the sender stuffed about 30 unused UPS flatrate boxes all around the sides for cushioning and strength.

No wonder the USPS is going broke.


Assuming you mean USPS.

And it’s only “going broke” because of a specific congressionally mandated requirement to fund pension liabilities different than everyone else.

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Yep. See the USPS is slowly losing even the letters in their name because folks are stealing the boxes.



I recently met someone who works for the USPS. I asked what his job was. He said he stands next to a conveyor belt and containerizes mail pieces.


I guess it sounds more interesting than “putting stuff in boxes.”

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Have to make some, thank you.